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Get lean, trim, fit, and fleet for the rest of your life!
325-page e-book: see details and endorsements; read introduction.  $9.98 ordering Downloaded in minutes as a PDF file to your computer or reading device.
What you really have to do to get lean, trim, and fit: Permanently change your life for the better! · Learn the real reasons why you got overweight in the first place. · Learn how to eat the right things at the right times in the right ways in the right amounts. · Learn easy "tricks," techniques, and tools for doing all the above. · Learn how to make your new eating and exercising easy, enjoyable, life-long habits. · Learn how to overcome your fattening "root causes" so you keep your gains permanently.
Take a quick video tour with Dr. Lyle through his e-book “The Pecan Pie DietTM