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Make your life better: Change your perspective In regards to intractable physical problems Many of our problems are physical.  These include being overweight, or being sick, or chronically injured.  Also, we often donít have enough money, or other necessary resources. In addition, there are many other painful restrictions to life.  It may seem that thereís nothing we can do.  We just have to put up with these physical limitations!   But almost always there are things we can do to to make our life better---if we will expand our perspective to find them. Perhaps we canít completely solve a physical problem.  But there are ways to minimize it, to surmount it, or get around it!  Dr. Lyleís books contain many practical suggestions---often things youíve never thought of before---for breaking down the physical walls that limit our aspirations.  In regards to embedded mental problems We are seemingly trapped within the constraints of our genetic programming.  Our brains are wired to work in certain ways.  Often we donít even realize when problems come from within ourselves: manufactured by our own frightened minds.  Dr. Lyleís unique books and videos help you expand your perspective to understand your own mind.  Then you can use your own brain power to climb out of the boxes your own brain is trying to impose upon your life!  By carefully reading Dr. Lyleís books (which are written in a conversational, easy-to-read format), you may discover greater confidence, success, serenity, inspiration, and physical/mental/spiritual fitness!


Books by Dr. Daniel B. Lyle are focused on: Practical Solutions to nagging problems that keep you from your potential and drag down the world’s population for advancing and improving in achievement and happiness
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