Explore the Nature of Significance in religion, self development, quality, Dracula & snakes through books, art & music by Daniel B. Lyle, PhD. religion, quality, Dracula, snakes and self development.

LylePublishing Products -In Pursuit of Significance- VALID QUESTIONS Who are you? Why are you? What's your AIM? Are your METHODS the best for achieving your AIM? How do you know if you are succeeding? FIVE GREAT THEMES of Being Alive. e-Mail Questions or Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - VALID QUESTIONS - We are aware that we are aware. We have self-consciousness. We remember the past and project into the future. "We think therefore we are." So it's natural that we puzzle about where we came from and where we are going. We struggle with who we are and why we are. We strive for meaning, for focus, for justification, for SIGNIFICANCE. What is mere wishful thinking and what has substance? How do we establish personal standards of conduct? Are we "society's child," or do we stand apart? In our brief, short burst of self-awareness on this planet, did we really use our brain at all? These are not just irritating philosophical ramblings. They give us the icing on the cake, the fire in the chili, the spice in the soup. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIVE GREAT THEMES of Being Alive... On this website, LylePublishing explores 5 Great Themes: GOD, SIGNIFICANCE, QUALITY, EVIL, and BEAUTY. What do each of these words mean? How do we recognize them when they are present? How should we react to them---what active part should I take in either their application, creation, or destruction? The Nature and Personal Meaningfulness of "GOD" is explored in the LylePublishing Area of RELIGION. Many key subjects and passages of the Christian Bible related to God are laid out in a logical, very clear sequence/format in "Basic Bible: Christ and His Church." How to incorporate and exhibit characteristics of God in our personal lives is studied in "The Expanded Christian Life I: Description." How to effectively communicate edifying, helpful, friendly information about God to other people is suggest in "The Basic Bible Evangelistic System." Helping Young People in a congregation of believers to root-into, and buy-into the transcending nature of God is laid out in "The 100 Club Handbook" and "The 100 Club Master File." Our yearning for and dedication to moving closer to God in positive, constructive ways is illustrated by time-tested, updated songs in the gospel music CD "Going Home." RELIGION Art Posters visually explore and display brilliant nuggets of key information/insight contained in the above works concerning God. The Extent and Focus of "SIGNIFICANCE" is explored in the LylePublishing Area of SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Illustrated short-stories/word-extractions of "Reflection I: Significance" takes a person on a whirlwind tour and exploration through the main modes by which we commonly think we will achieve personal Significance. The black&white pictures of Reflection I are all presented in various, powerful, full-color formats in the SELF-DEVELOPMENT Art Posters. The Principles and Mechanisms of "QUALITY" are explored in the LylePublishing Area of QUALITY. "In Search of Quality I: Principles and Mechanisms" walks through---in an interesting, conversational way---the underpinnings, moral nature, and practical methods of achieving true Quality. This is approached on a personal level, interpersonal level, family level, job level, organizational level, governmental level, and even world-wide level, using many specific examples. Vivid Art Posters (QUALITY Art Posters) "pull-out" the key ideas, main points, and practical applications for immediate, and continuing impact. The Character and Consequences of "EVIL" are explored in the LylePublishing Area of SCIENCE FICTION. The embodiment of Evil in our popular fiction, the Dracula Monster, is dissected and studied in two fast-paced, hard-core Science Fiction novel/adventures: "Real Dracula I, Keeper of the Pit"; and "Real Dracula II, Armageddon." In these novels, each of the characters find the Dracula Monster reflected and amplified in their own terrible personal-life struggles. A savagely-rhythmic musical adaptation of these two novels, "CLANG," surfaces the raw emotions and conflicts buried down in each person's heart as the Animal Nature struggles to get "what it wants when it wants it," regardless of consequences. Potent Art Posters (SCIENCE FICTION Art Posters) personify the gut-level turmoils and struggles of dealing with Evil in our day-to-day lives. The Power and Edifying Nature of "BEAUTY" is explored in the LylePublishing Area of REPTILES. In a wonderfully-imaginative book, "Reptilian Holiday Greetings," young people have a chance to roam through the Universe with the Space Trader Kids---who are exposed to wonderful, exciting, magnificent things: alien life forms, awesomely-powerful stellar phenomena, and the Search for the Greatest Treasure. Amongst all that, the Space Trader Kids find that one of the greatest Beauties in the Universe is their own connection to each other, as Family. Also in the Reptiles Area, the fluidity and grace of Nature is exemplified by the wonderful construction/colors of Reptilian Animals, particularly snakes---in the REPTILE Art Posters. As one might imagine, these over-riding Themes of Life are all connected. They all illuminate and inform each other. Without looking beyond our immediate condition (God), how can we really say we've fully explored Significance, Quality, Evil, or Beauty? Without asking if things are important, have real meaning (Significance), how can we say we've completely considered God, Quality, Evil, or Beauty? Without asking if we are advancing/growing (Quality), how can we say we are achieving transcendance---God---or practicing Quality, fighting Evil, or creating Beauty? Without recognition of the potential harm/hurt/pain our actions might cause to ourselves or others (Evil), how can we say we are truly seeking God, Significance, Quality, or Beauty? Without an eye to making something wonderful, attractive, and inspiring (Beauty), how can we say we are practicing true Godliness, building lasting Significance, distilling out Quality, or effectively fighting back Evil? So you see, my friend, there's a method to my "madness." LylePublishing is about you and I helping each-other make ourselves into the very best that we can be---mutually exploring the Great Themes that pervade and underpin our existence. It's not an easy thing to do. Like everything else, it takes some talent, lots of good information, and much practice. Also, it's not done in isolation. The place to become a Magnificent Human Being is not in some cave hidden-away up on an isolated mountain top. Yes, temporary quiet seclusion can be an important part of the process. But without the input, examples, help, and connection to other human beings we can not achieve the pinnacle of personal success. To this end, please consider using the LylePublishing Discussion Forum to read nuggets of excellent information left by other searching individuals, and as a place to put your own good ideas for the benefit of yet others. As I prepare to launch this Website and LylePublishing to the public, I wish you the very best success in your own personal journey to making the most of BEING ALIVE. This existence we're in can be extremely confusing and confounding. It's often a struggle just to make it day-by-day. Sometimes we feel like giving up and quitting---even giving up on life itself. But let me toss this in for your consideration: perhaps it's supposed to be a tough, hard struggle. Maybe, just maybe, it's both an Exercise and a Test. If so, then how do we use the Mandated Exercise to grow in the best possible ways? And how do we then, ultimately, pass the "Test"?? I suggest that the answer to both these questions has to do with understanding and correctly applying/approaching GOD, SIGNIFICANCE, QUALITY, EVIL, and BEAUTY. I could be wrong...but surely those are good places to start. And in the struggle to understand and excel--in spite of (and maybe because of) the many struggles, problems, and road-blocks---we can find deep/positive Excitement, Satisfaction, and Pride in a job well done. Dan Lyle, 12/27/2001. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PRODUCTS - [Click Product Title to go to Short Summary or Art Posters-Area page.] RELIGION Basic Bible: Christ and His Church The "Basic Bible" Evangelistic System The "Expanded Christian Life" I: Description The "100 Club" Master File The "100 Club" Handbook "Going Home" (Gospel Music CD) RELIGION Art Posters SELF-DEVELOPMENT Reflection I: Significance SELF-DEVELOPMENT Art Posters QUALITY In Search of Quality I: Principles and Mechanisms QUALITY Art Posters SCIENCE FICTION Real Dracula, Keeper of the Pit Real Dracula II: Armageddon "Clang" (Beyond-Rock & Roll Music CD) SCIENCE FICTION Art Posters REPTILES Reptilian Holiday Greetings REPTILES Art Posters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT SUMMARIES of Each Work: [Click Title to go to Full Description] BASIC BIBLE, Christ and His Church This book is a unique, outlined study-guide to the Bible. It is 296 pages long, containing over 2,000 Stimulating Questions. It is arranged as logical sequences of highly organized topics stretching across the entire Bible, and culminating with an in-depth study of what it really means to be a Christian. This book comprises hundreds of crystal-clear study-plans for lectures, facilitated discussion classes, and personal study of the greatest Book ever written. This study-guide is respectful to all readers, allowing them to arrive at their own answers to the thousands of interesting, important questions poised. The "Basic Bible" Evangelistic System This book, 280 pages long, is an illustrated, step-by-step Manual that tells how to set up an enjoyable, effective outreach program for a congregation. This system uses "Basic Bible, Christ and His Church" as a recommended study plan to helping any student further their knowledge of Christianity, beginning at his or her particular level of knowledge concerning Christ and His New Testament Church. As an aid to using Basic Bible, suggested "take-home messages" (extensive, but crisply and clearly presented) are given for each of the Basic Bible study sections. The overall Basic Bible Summary in the Evangelistic System comprises a unique and challenging perspective on the entire Bible. The "Expanded Christian Life" I: Description What does it mean to be a "Christian?" How do you really do it? This 183 page book takes an in-depth look at the first two parts of the last section (The Christian Life) in "Basic Bible: Christ and His Church." This is the first volume of a series which lays out in a detailed format, for personal study and/or facilitation of exciting discussion-classes, the Expanded Christian Life. In this volume, the CHARACTERISTICS and VALUES of Christianity are studied. How do you recognize a Christian? How is being a Christian personally valuable? Intriguing questions with space for written answers lead each person or class through an introspective, escalating study of the concepts behind each of the cited Bible passages. At the last of the book, the author gives his own "for comparison" answers to each of the questions. If you were asked to describe an ideal Christian---from your own experience and your own understanding of the Bible, what would you say? After going through this book, you or your class will have derived your own solid, Bible-based answers to that critical question. THE "100 Club" Master File This is a complete filing system and step-by-step instructions for setting up the "100 Club" in your congregation. Young people sit up in front of the congregation during the weekly main meeting, are facilitated in taking enjoyable, meaningful notes, and are encouraged to look in the Bible and write essays at home on interesting "thought questions" to the weekly sermon. Points are given for the essays, which when accumulated to a 100 or multiples thereof qualify students to receive very nice Biblically-oriented prizes. The awarding of prizes up in front of the congregation allows the kids to be identified and honored for achieving good things, encourages them, and together with the actual learning taking place in the note-taking and essay writing helps the kids be "rooted" into the congregation. Everything needed to set up the "100 Club," including the 100 Club Handbook, are contained in the Master File package. THE "100 CLUB" Handbook This book describes in detail all the steps to setting up a "100 Club" in your congregation. You are walked through the History of development of this system for helping young people enjoyably derive maximal benefit from the weekly sermon, how to Structure the 100 Club (as to when, where, who, how and with what tools), suggested Sequence of events, Rationale for 100 Club activities, and Helpful Advice (on Initiating the program, using the Master File, sitting together, productively ending each session, 100 Club "carrots," advanced visual aids, examples of Thought Questions, how to best give points for the essays, examples of 100-point prizes, on paying for the 100 club, the "100 Club Party"/other activities, flexibility, gentle and loving discipline, and how best to show approval). This book is a clear, lively, and challenging guide for successfully adding this excellent system to your congregation's "best evangelism" outreach program. "Going Home" (Gospel Music CD) This CD contains over an hour of some of the greatest Christian hymns ever written, which have stood the test of time (most over a hundred years old). New scores and new words have been added to the original compositions, which up-date these powerful hymns to the 21st Century while retaining their traditional power and emotion. Though fresh words paint a more familiar picture, the message is exactly the same today as when these gut-wrenching, heart-felt songs were first penned: that our scant few decades on this planet are not the end, rather---in God---are just the beginning. Reflection I: Significance 197 pages long, this book contains twenty-six different stories of people struggling with the nature of "significance." Each prose-poetry short-story is illustrated with cartoons of rodents behaving like people. In a precise, frank, and serious manner, sexual drive/love, friendship/betrayal, productive work/free-living, the creative-urge/destruction, wealth/poverty, health/sickness, art/war, imbalance/balance, ugliness/beauty, evil/good, suicide/sacrifice, extreme-music/nature, selflessness/indulgence, priortization/chaos, aging/youth, tradition/progression, and life/death are all tested, contrasted, and compared. Ultimately, one thing stands above them all in regards to its impact on the human condition. [suggested viewing restriction: "PG13," young people under 13 requiring parental approval to read this book.] In Search of Quality I: Principles and Mechanisms 388 pages long, this extremely well-organized and conversationally-written text breaks down the Quality Management movement to ten central PRINCIPLES and eighteen main MECHANISMS. Both Theory and Practical Application are extensively addressed and illustrated through many specific, real-life examples. This book also benefits from many graphical illustrations and figures where key concepts are extracted and crystallized. Quality Management is taken from the Senior Executive business level, and extended down to the "regular" person working at his/her desk, dealing with a family, working in a volunteer group such as a church congregation, in school situations, and in one's personal life. The AIM of this book is to describe how understanding and implementing Quality Principles and Mechanisms can make your personal life, family, church group, school-situation, volunteer organization, or job-situation easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. Real Dracula, Keeper of the Pit. This monumental science fiction/horror novel is 383 pages long. It is set in the not-too distant future, when the world does not succeed in slipping easily past the coming population crunch. Instead, the bottom drops out. In the midst of an irreversible crash in energy and food supplies, war/starvation/disease spread across the globe. Scientists, world leaders, and military commanders are desperate for anything that has even the remotest chance of reversing the collapse of human society. An unlikely solution is discovered: the real Dracula, detected in and extracted from deep jungle in the blockaded continent of Africa. This is no suave, seductive, magical nobleman. No turning into fogs or bats. It is, indeed, a very real Monster. But a monster whose biochemistry and genetics seem to offer unlimited energy, the cure to any disease, and even conquering death itself. In a desperate race against time, a team of military and civilian scientists struggle to unlock the secrets of a supposedly-comatose, totally-contained Monster. However, the Creature has plans of its own...plans that involve civil war in the United States, even reaching to the nation's White House. This book is about the struggle of ordinary men and women to confront and battle the worst, most-terrible type of evil: the horror that lurks in the darkest depths of each person's own heart. [suggested viewing restriction: "R"--young people under 17 requiring parental approval to read this book.] Real Dracula II: Armageddon In this fast-paced sequel to Real Dracula I, 311 pages in length, the consequences of Dracula's actions play out, threatening the complete extinction of the human species. The only way this can possibly be prevented is for the few remaining humans to somehow change history---both in the future and in the past! To this end, a small band of humans leaps one billion years into the future, while another travels to the 19th Century. In Elizabethan England, the second team finds and enlists the help of Bram Stoker, the author of the original Dracula book. In the distant future, the first team encounters a star-faring civilization of evolved, intelligent insects, who are not at all happy to have their ages-long presence on earth jeopardized. In both situations, the "to be" and the "was" Dracula confront the human time-travelers, intent on their destruction. To Dracula, the humans are just annoying ants---pesky creatures to be savagely swatted away. Dracula seems beyond human thought, beyond human achievements, beyond humanity's puny power, and beyond intentional evil---the ultimate, irrevocable, inescapable "grim reaper." Yet one human trait seems to keep popping up, continuing to endanger Dracula's implacable purpose: unconditional love of a parent for a child. [suggested viewing restriction: "R"--young people under 17 requiring parental approval to read this book.] "Clang" (Beyond-Rock & Roll Music CD) This hour-long, music CD, performed by Green Anaconda, contains potent compositions which go beyond "rock and roll" to a new form of music: "Clang." The songs are based on chapters and themes from the science-fiction/horror novel "Real Dracula." It is an ugly, grating, savage noise---but at the same time, strangely beautiful. It seems to say that beyond the very worst that can happen to individuals and society, something fresh and new has to---must---emerge. When each of us are forced to look deep into our own souls and confront our own personal darkest nightmare, we may on the one hand be destroyed by guilt and fear---or, perhaps, exorcise the demon: emerging from the ordeal with a crystal-clear perspective, new priorities, and a fresh determination. [suggested listening restriction: "PG13," young people under 13 requiring parental approval to hear this CD.] Reptilian Holiday Greetings This 313-page book contains fifteen strange, bizarre, science-fiction short stories, each illustrated by a Christmas Holiday-oriented, provocative animal cartoon. Each story deals with an underlying theme from its cartoon, as to the nature and significance of our holiday gatherings, when humanity tends to exhibit both its best and worst characteristics. Half of the book deals with the holiday-related adventures of the "Hyperspace Trader Space Kids," a young boy and girl who two thousand years in the future accompany and help their parents as they all travel on their starship in hyperspace throughout the Galaxy, hauling cargo from planet to planet, and trading with many strange life-forms. In this book, the space kids encounter and struggle with space pirates, giant intelligent snakes, the mysterious Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way, and Humanity's Greatest Treasure locked in a Pyramid in a deserted Washington D.C. mall on mythical Old Earth. [rating: "G," appropriate for people of all ages.] LylePublishing ART POSTERS Over 350 (13 x 19") Art Posters, beautifully arranged and presented as small and full-screen Thumbnails in the areas of: RELIGION, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, QUALITY, SCIENCE-FICTION, and REPTILES. All posters tie-into and illustrate key information/concepts from specific LylePublishing books, music CDs, and other products in each particular subject area. [Note that the actual, printed 13 x 19" posters are significantly more colorful, detailed, and sharper than the small and large thumbnails presented on the website.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top of Page Send Mail Copyright 2000 Daniel B. Lyle Explore the Nature of Significance in religion, self development, quality, Dracula & snakes through books, art & music by Daniel B. Lyle, PhD. religion, quality, Dracula, snakes and self development.